Special Handed…

Adakalanya hidup ini layu. Ada saatnya diri ini rapuh. Lemah tak berdaya karena sebuah getaran yang menyusup rongrong jiwa, kering hampa karena tak tersentuh belaian tulusnya cinta, pun jerit tangis bathin oleh dentuman hina cinta yang memilukan.

Ada masanya seorang insan merindukan sang pelita hati…sosok berkharisma…sang tambatan jiwa…pelipur duka lara…setia menemani kala suka dan duka…bersama sejati tuk merengkuh cinta Ilahi…dirimu-lah kemana kalbu berlabuh…you…as my entire belonging…

how can i not love you

what do i take my heart

how do iam not want you

you are in my arms

Such as sweet and precious heart

That I would love for mine

Would you…could you…let me …be your?

When there is no hope to see a head

And feel so blue today

If we will only trust in Allah

Allah will surely show the way

Sometimes I feel you very strong

And know your thinking of me

Our thought always seemed to intertwine

Where ever we might be

Patient and understanding

In each and every way

I know that I love you more

With every passing day

I know your loves reach out to me

I can feel its across the miles

I can picture that dear face of yours

That’s always full of smile

When I think of you

My heart just filled with love

You stand for all things I know

That’s taught us above

I wake in the morning

Light and…

Can’t wait to call your name

And as I call I know you hear

Since in my life you came

It’s the ending of the day

I’m thingking of you

Thinking how much I love you

And how I miss you too

I know I will always love you

There is no one else for me

For always and forever

I will keep you in my heart

My love for will never cease

While we apart

You filled my days with endless

Fun and love

I’m thinking of you as the day go by

And wonder how are you

My heart relieves sweet moments

With you

And I feel you from a far

The love that was wil

Always be…

In it’s special place

The place for special memories

That can’t be erased

Memories are within my heart

Of our sweet conversation

There will never be another

That could take your place

You always stay in my heart

A time so long and far away

Such happiness I knew

No lonely days and night

Because I was with you

For always and forever

I will keep you in my heart

You are always in my dreams

Sometime I could feel you so near

Could feel your love it seem

I now look foward to winter

Because you are by my side

I love you truely

Blue day…Gami’ Castle, Cairo-Egypt


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